Energy Education

Where do people get skills and training to enter the renewable energy workforce? Who is developing curriculum around renewable energy? Where are there opportunities to connect with K-12 schools and local colleges and universities to talk about renewable energy? WoWE is hoping to start and continue the conversation with some of the links below.

College, University, and Continuing Education:

A map of U.S. wind energy programs:

The Department of Energy's list of educational opportunities in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A list of programs in Canada from CanWEA: 


K-12 Wind Curricula: 

Information from the American Wind Energy Association on K-12 Curriculum:

WindWise is an innovative curriculum developed specifically for Grades 6-12 and available at

Wind Powering America offers a detailed list of teaching resources for all ages

The KidWind Project connects teachers, students, engineers, and scientists eager to teach and learn about wind energy

Wind With Miller offers a range of teaching tools and projects

4-H The Power of the Wind Curriculum: