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The advice and guidance of a mentor can be a key success factor in your career. Want a mentor? Be proactive and find one through WoWE’s mentoring program.

Career success requires more than education and willingness to work. Experts say that many successful people have benefited from having a mentor, a senior guide to the field, who can answer questions, point out opportunities, and smooth the way for a newcomer. Some mentoring relationships arise spontaneously, but not everyone is that lucky. How do you find a mentor if you don't already have one?

Launched in 2008, the WoWE mentoring program is the first program geared specifically for women working in or entering the wind energy field. It exists to connect mentors with people who need them. Because the program is Web-based, mentor and "mentee" can get together regardless of location. And because so many of us are really busy, the program is designed to be flexible to different schedules and make maximum use of time.

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Why be a Mentee?

Being a mentee allows you the opportunity to tap into the experience and learning of professionals already in the renewable energy field. With your mentor's help, you can:

How do I get started?

Start by letting us know you are interested - we'll match you with a mentoring ambassador who can help you navigate the program and find the best options for your situation.

You'll need to become a WoWE Member to take full advantage of the directory and resources.

How do I find a Mentor?

You can find mentors using the Advanced Directory Search tool when you log in to the WoWE Member Center (under the "My WoWE" Tab in the menu bar).  Under Criteria the first box will say "Last Name", but use the drop down menu to select “Mentor Status” instead.  The middle box should say "Equal" and then set the last box to say “I am currently available to be a mentor”.  When you click the "Search" button, the results will include anyone in the member directory who has said they are available to be a mentor. 

You can also add criteria like sector, city, company, mentoring topics, or mentoring frequency among others to help refine your search.

For more information about WoWE's Mentoring program, please contact the WoWE Mentoring Committee at

If you have any trouble logging in to the Member Center, please contact us at


Think you or someone you know might make a good mentor?  Find out more on our Become a Mentor page.